Alcohol Can Helps We Speak Foreign Language Better?


People who drink alcohol drinks can speak foreign language more fluent than those who always only drink the water?I’ve read this news from TIME‘s twitter yesterday,and it also gave the reason that after drink some beer or other alcohol drinks can help people lower inhibitions and overcome nervousness or hesitation.So,they can speak foreign languages more fluent than before.

Maybe should I need to drink some beer or something to help me for speaking English better?But there is another problem,we have no many choices to training our oral languages.Because we aren’t in a foreign country,and there haven’t many foreigners around us.When we drink alcohol,it’s just alcohol drinks.

Although we haven’t many good choices to speaking with foreigners,but this can’t be the excuse for us to give up learning English.Actually,we should learning English or other languages harder and harder then the foreigners do.And sure enough, it’s fair to all of us over the world,when a foreigner learning a second language,he will face the same problem as we have.

So,once you happens to a foreigner one day,just buy a bottle of beer instantly and directly drink it off,then maybe you will be easy to talk to him.If you are a good alcohol drinker,maybe you should buy and drink another bottle.

As for my personal view,I think this is a truth.Because we all know that if a boy hasn’t enough courage to say love to his girl,the wine is alway does a good job to encourage him to say it out loudly,this is a very old scene on the Chinese TV and movies.Haven’t you ever heard a famous wisdom:

“In wine there is truth.”

So,if you want to speak English or other foreign languages better,you could try to drink some alcohol drinks.

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