My Blog has been Indexed by Search Engines


I’ve got a headache yesterday,so I haven’t wrote something at here.But now it is well better.The headache is so fearful,never want to happen to it!There have a good news to me,that’s what the Baidu has already indexed my blog yesterday and Google also have done it two days ago,isn’t it a good news?It’s a good beginning,and I believe it will be more and more better in the days later but not far.

my blog has been indexed by Search Engines.
my blog has been indexed by Search Engines.

Why it is a good news to me?Because if my blog be indexed by them,my articles will be more easily to find out by the Search Engines’ users.It means that my works of SEO didn’t be wasted,it seems like running in the right way.You know how it will encourages me to do more other works for it.I hope someday my articles will be known by everyone in the world,it’s possible be true in the internet world.
Well,I have nothing else to tell you now.My English is not so well to talk everything with you yet,these English articles just is used for improve my English writing ability.If you’re a good English speaker or writer,please point the wrong places out in the place where below the article.I hope that the more my articles will be indexed in the before long,and also I hope that someday I can speak English fluently before long,not only writing it.


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