A Letter to All Foreign Friends

A latter for all foreign friends
A letter for all foreign friends

To dear all foreign friends:

I’m sorry to tell you a bad news,if you’re a foreigner and couldn’t understand the Chinese words,please don’t response my Chinese article casually then.And also mustn’t reply with any url in your comment.If you do as I say,I’ll be so grateful to welcome you to here.

so many uncorrelated comments in my blog,please.
so many uncorrelated comments in my blog,please.

The category “英语日记” is made for the people like you.It means “English Diary”,for I practicing my English skill.And of course I need your helps of looking for the faults in them.Don’t be stingy to give your advices about every English article in my blog.Otherwise,if you’re studying Chinese too,I’ll give my advices as you do.

Foreign buddies,look here,we should make friends,because I like English very much,it’s so charming,and I think Chinese is interesting you the same way.Don’t you think the additional Chinese cultures is so interesting?For example,the Chinese Kong fu,and the famous movie star Bruce Lee,he’s so well known by people all over the world.An another example,the china,china is so important and popular in the world,and it’s harmless to our healths.You have to admit this point,at least for now,maybe in someday it would be instead of other things,but now it’s useful to us,to the world.There’re too many examples to display here,like paper,compass and dynamite and so on.And I’m also interesting in foreign cultures,like Shakespeare,Agatha Christie,Ian McEwan,they’re all my favorite writers.Their books used to be so amazing to me,they’re so different from Chinese books.I’m so grateful to them,that they taught me how to writing amazing articles for people.

Let’s back to the first topic what’s how foreign friends couldn’t leave your uncorrelated comments in my blog,and it’s all of the point of the latter for you.

Thank You!

Yours best friend

TongYu Wang


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