It’s time to write something here now

It's time to write someting here now
It’s time to write someting here now

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

For long long time,I haven’t ever written any English article in my blog.It’s only because I don’t know what would I tell you. Even though it’s so boring to write something about my normal life here,but finally I’m determined that just write them down here then.

Recently,I’m very disappoint at some disgusting things happened to me.For example,my articles were copied into another website by it’s owner,and it’s not what I’d be happy to see.There always have so much article thieves here and there in my country–China,or yours is as terrible as mine?

But I’ll still writing articles here as long as I could stand,you have no idea how it feels good for a person who is longing to be a great famous writer in the world.So,it’s time to write something here now after it has been paused so a long time.

By the way,there have one another thing happened to me two days ago or three,it was that when I bought a ebook <The Stolen Chapters>written by James Riley from the amazon online store,I found there have a terrible wrong in it that I couldn’t read it,because all the words was blackened by the black blocks on them,so that it looked like a blinds.<The Stolen Chapters>is the second book of the series of the<Story Thieves> which I like it very much.And then one of there workers called me and talked about this problem I have told them by email I sent before,and they returned my money back then.The employee said they would fix it,and I will buy it as soon as it’s been OK.

OK,these are what I was willing to tell you about.Maybe I’ll come back for writing something different after soon,or maybe not.

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